Fast and Reliable Vancouver Colocation Services Without Downtown Prices

Are you tired of broken promises?

Are you tired of "customer support teams" that don't really care about your business?

Are you tired of either paying a downtown real estate premium or going for a "rock bottom" facility that oversells their network and offers little customer service?

Enter SmarttNet's new Greater Vancouver Colocation Center, the perfect facility to host your colocation server.

SmarttNet's Greater Vancouver Colocation Facilities

Our server colocation facility is conveniently located near Boundary and Logheed Highways. We're within a short walking distance from the Gilmore Skytrain Station and there's plenty of parking all around. As a Business Internet Service Provider, we own our own infrastructure with multiple redundancies and a fast network so you don't need to worry about slow speed or downtimes.

And because we are located fifteen minutes from downtown, we are able to provide you colocation services without the downtown price tag. Our colocation rates are extremely competitive compared to the local providers in downtown.

Make no mistake though. We are not a "bottom-feeder". If you don't need a fast network and great customer service, don't come to us. A common tactic of colocation facilities is to offer a rock bottom price to a customer and then oversell the network. The result is a slow network with no customer service. We do not practice such dishonest tactics. All of our tech supports are local and we are prepared to reboot your servers or read the monitor for you free of charge!

Our colocation facility offers:

  • Gigabit Networking with Cat6 Cabling (100mbps ports available)
  • UPS & Independent Diesel Generator Power Backup
  • Powerful Cooling System
  • Redundancy and Hot-Swappable Network Infrastructure
  • Security Cameras and Access Controlled Environment
  • Optional Managed Services such as Backups, Anti-spam, and Firewall
  • 15-60 Amps Power On Custom Racks
  • Connections to Multiple Networks

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